Deacon Care

Deacon Care“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

 2 Timothy 2:2

What is the Idea behind the Deacon Care Teams?

It is important to recognize that one person cannot efficiently meet the needs, which individual families possess.  Our desire is to see the Word of God and the church of God continually grow and increase. Therefore, we have introduced a new way to organize the disbursement of spiritual care.

We therefore have organized our church members and attendees into Care Teams.  Each pair of Deacons (Active and Inactive) is responsible to assist the pastor in “guarding and nourishing” the spiritual life of those within their charge through encouragement, fellowship and prayer.


The goal is to develop a system of care whereby the needs of people do not go unmet.  We believe that God has provided gifted, caring individuals called “deacons” to help insure that this goal is accomplished.  We believe that deacons by their example ought to demonstrate how to care for those in the church.

  1. To contact the families of their group on a monthly basis through phone calls, email, or visits
  1. To be informed of and seek to meet the needs of those within their group.
  1. To pray for those within their group on a regular basis.
  1. To keep the pastor informed concerning the needs of the families in their group.

The Expectations of Each Goal

Let’s look at the “nuts and bolts” of each goal and see how effective your ministry can be.  Our deacons follow these simple instructions to insure that leadership is responding adequately to the needs of the people.


Contacting Families

  1. Deacons organize family names into smaller groups so that they can contact a few each week.
  2. Deacons are free to contact people using several different mediums: phone, mail, email, social media and visitation.
  3. Deacons extend hospitality to new families, them either by inviting them to their home or to a restaurant for fellowship.


Staying Informed and Meeting Needs

  1. Deacons inquire about their people’s needs or burdens both physically or spiritually.
  2. Deacons seek to meet needs or delegate them to another within their group or to another person in the church if it is outside of your expertise or time table.


Praying for those in their Group

  1. Deacons have a list of families in a place where they can think and pray for their needs.
  2. If possible, Deacons let their people know on occasion that they are praying for their needs.


Keeping Others Informed

  1. Deacons are to be prepared to give a report concerning the people in their group at each Deacon’s meeting.
  2. Deacon’s keep the Pastor informed of any special needs within their group and who might benefit from extra visitation or a pastoral contact.


*Note to attendees and members of NewLife:  See Deacon Care T.E.A.M. brochure at the connection desk for a list of each team and who your assigned deacon is!