Outreach Program

Outreach ProgramThe concept behind UpsideDown Saturdays is very   Simple!

A committed group of Christians intent on fulfilling Jesus’ command to “make disciples” meets together on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month for prayer, instruction; dividing into groups of two to share the Love of God and the Gospel of Christ with our community.


Our Hope

To turn the world of one person, UpsideDown, for Jesus Christ just as the early church did in Acts 17:6-7.


How it Works

Going UpsideDown is serious committed Christianity that puts your faith to work!Outreach Program

  •    Join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month for this ministry of faith.
  •    It begins at 10:00am in the Fellowship Hall for prayer and instruction.
  •    Each two person team is made up of veteran and rookie witnesses.  The rookie watches and learns from the veteran until he has enough confidence to lead his own team. 
  •    Each two person team is issued Follow-up Connection cards with names and addresses of people to visit and outreach materials to hand out.
  •  At 12:00pm when you return to the church, please make sure to fill out the response portion and return them to the card return in the Worship Center.  Both finished and unfinished cards should be placed in the card return.