Baptism PPTWhat is Baptism and Why is it Important?

As a new Christian, you may be puzzled and perhaps a little afraid of this new kind of life you have started.  This is only natural, for you are like a baby that has just been born into the world.  It takes a baby many years to learn all about life, with its responsibilities and difficulties.  So the step you have taken in receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior is not the end—it is a gateway to a whole new life.  Do not worry if you cannot understand everything at once.                                      

 God will be with you to guide you each step of this new way!

What Baptism is Not!

Submitting to the teachings of the Scripture, we will come to realize that baptism is NOT a sacramental rite that we must do in order to ensure our place in heaven.  A sacrament is a “a means of grace, that is, that supposedly accomplishes something for or in the person’s soul.”  However, nowhere in Scripture is baptism presented in such a way.  Instead, we are told that salvation is received by faith alone in Christ alone without the benefit of any works whatsoever.  Salvation is not:  Faith in Christ + Religious work = Salvation

Why is Baptism Important?

Baptism is important to the Lord Jesus because of what it pictures to the lost world and because those who follow Christ into the waters of baptism identify themselves with their Lord as their Master. Baptism is a symbol that shows that a Christian has been buried to his old kind of life and has been raised to a new life that pleases the Lord.  Baptism reminds us of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Baptism also reminds us that one day all Christians will one day rise from the dead to live forever with Jesus.  Baptism is only for believers – ones who have already received new life from Jesus by surrendering their lives to Him.

Baptism is by immersion only.

The Greek word translated “to baptize” properly means “to dip, plunge, or immerse.” This is the definition which is consistently given in all Greek dictionaries. In secular Greek, the word is used of warships being “baptized” at sea and the like. Obviously, then the word does not mean “pouring” or “washing.”