Bible Studies

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The following studies are available at no cost.  Simply email the title of the study you would like to NewLife Baptist Church at:


Studies on the Bible History

Leaves Old Testament Survey
Leaves “A History of the Christian Church”

Studies on the Christian Life

Leaves Why would a Good God Allow Suffering?
Leaves The Christian Adventure – Living for God in a Blasé World
Leaves Stewards of Grace –  Identifying, Developing and Using your Spiritual Gifts
Leaves Grace Adventures – Unlocking the Power of God’s Grace in Every Day Living
Leaves Christian Liberty – Maintaining Harmony in the Church
Leaves Learning How to Forgive
Leaves Dealing with Anger

Studies on the Church

Leaves Stewardship — The Treasure Principle
Leaves In Spirit and Truth – A Study in the Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship
Leaves Twelve Men Under Construction  — A Study on Leadership

Bible studies added and updated periodically